links and books you will find very useful.

Dear Friends, Family and Everyone,

Here are useful links and books. I am an activist, and I have come to learn how useful information can be to help others and those in need. This is a compilation of pivotal links and books for you to use and share. This collection ranges from the eclectic (but interesting!) to the essential. Not every link or book is for everyone, but there is something for everyone. Just dive right in! And please help those in need with this if you can. Your help makes a miracle!  

This document is a self-help resource guide for poverty relief, but I encourage you to work cooperatively in groups as you use it.  Share it with family and friends who are also looking for poverty relief and share ideas as you go.  Working in groups makes it so much easier, and fun!

The website is

(the herb at the top is heal all, an anti-bacterial and anti-viral medicinal herb)

And I hope you will take a moment for yourself, and allow yourself to feel love. You will really enjoy what comes next. Don’t be distracted by anything… let the calm, cool sense of peace and love in your heart outweigh all of the chaos in your life. Only the meaning of life, the experience of love, remains. Now, enjoy usefulinks!

This document is loaded with goods and books for self-help, far more than you will every need.  I encourage you to take what you need, and give in life what you can to those in need and to the health of the environment.  This is a karmic relationship that is ancient and multi-cultural, and keeps the flow of life moving.  Please do not think you need to buy a whole lot of stuff on this document.  In fact, only buy what you need if you can.  This document is designed to help you get on your feet so that you are not vulnerable, so that you can take care of yourself easily.  Once you are not in need, you are not poor, you can take care of yourself.  You feel less violent, you can take care of your health, you can raise children well, you can ease tension with your spouse, life gets easier.  That is what this document is for.  Plus, you are doing it on your own, as you have to work to get money to buy the things on the websites.  I commiserate with you, poverty sucks, but hopefully this helps a little bit.  🙂  I strongly encourage you to keep love in your heart as you go.  It is your greatest tool by far in your needs being met, and surviving.

One thing that is interesting is that as we liberate ourselves from poverty, we also liberate ourselves from the environment.  We have more free time.  What do we do with it?  Hopefully not harm each other, ourselves, or the environment!  Then we would go backwards and we would have to start all over again!  Please, keep up your prayers.  Live a moral life.  Enjoy the fruits of that.  Enjoy your family and friends, and avoid crime.  In your church, do some activity to help the poor and the environment.  This is a great direction to go.  And above all, love and have fun!!  

(If you are on disability or going on it, I encourage you to go to the end of the document first.  In the last six or so paragraphs I cover some considerations about how to help yourself if you are homeless or going onto ssi/ssdi.  After that you may want to peruse the rest of this document.)

One great comment on this is independence from the capitalist system:  grow your own vegetables from a community garden (your church or food co-op may know of one locally) or your home, buy clothes and goods at your thrift shop and barter for goods and services are all great ways to be independent.  What is to be gained from this?  For one, the food you grow is more nutritious and you will likely live longer.  The fact that you are independent from the economic system means that you are not engaging in a world economic system that depends on US war, wage slavery and environmental destruction that oppresses the poor in the developing world for its growth.  

The goods listed in this document (and in any American economy) do oppress, I am sorry to say, which is why I encourage you to be frugal.  It is very hard to avoid.  Fair trade is another alternative, but fair trade prices are usually through the roof.  If you can find American made products, that is a great way to buy.

Some notes.  This is a general resource guide, designed to help those in need with options, not obligations, to use as they wish. This document and website are a constant work in progress. If you value this work, please save it and print it out, and share it with your colleagues and use it with discretion with those in need.

Much of the information on this document is for items from websites to buy. This can be an impediment for the poor. However, this document can lead to very good buying choices for things one would buy anyway, a distinct advantage in the long run. It pays to be picky and map out what is really needed and make good choices.  Movie Pass, Zenni Optical, Book Finder, Super Casuals, Cheapestees, Joss and Main, Swanson Vitamins, Thredup, Nashbar, Home Advisor, and the ASIN # ’finds’ on this document are among the gems you don’t want to miss, and there is so much more, including the books section.  At the very least one can work day labor or temp work and get some of the basic items listed here if persistent, and/or ask for help in this regard from a local church and/or family. With love, faith and determination there is usually a way! By understanding what you really need and by being willing to set goals, you can get yourself into a comfortable situation.  

One example is the mountain bike. $450 sounds expensive, but mountain bikes are easy to maintain, good in any weather and can be a means of getting to work or school three seasons out of the year.  It has the advantage over a car in that if you have a DUI you don’t need a license to drive it, and it is good for your health. And it can be bought with about 3 weeks of minimum wage labor.  So it all depends on how you look at it.

Also note that I am not prejudiced.  I am a Unitarian Universalist and a seasoned activist, and I have included information for rich and poor (gourmet recipes and ‘good and cheap’, for example) and contrary religious traditions (Christian and witch, for example) and everything in between.  The reason for this is because I have used much of it in my personal life or have discerned that it seems harmless… in fact, the mix of the melting pot of the variations of our America is a wonder. It really, really pays to be open minded. The only thing that gets in the way is malice, and that is not included here. If you or your organization has a problem with something on this document, please simply cut it out of the document in your copy. Please consider it to be Solomon’ s baby (how ironic); so please don’t ignore all of the good in the document if you disagree with a small portion of it.

For the disadvantaged.  I have been poor my whole life. In one way or another, I have always had everything I have ever needed thanks be to the Spirit. The most important element that has always pulled me through is love and faith, hope that things would get better. I encourage you to make a miracle happen along the way by helping as is needed, and watch the miracles happen to you when you need them. You will be amazed!

A special note. Some of the links are not hyperlinked to websites.  When this is so, please just copy the link and paste it in the address bar in a new window to bring up the website.

Primary Resources for the home: (finds the top buy in a market; at most libraries) (top tradespeople in your area, free version) (top tradespeople in your area; an online resource) (cheap books, often matched by used books) (low prices and diverse items for nearly everything  one can get shipped) (household items) (see the sales) (government auctions)  (if you have some extra money for household goods, very nice) (green business and how to green up your business) (green america member profiles) (energy saver for appliances) (water conservation in the home)


Check out neem oil for many uses. (cheap vitamins and supplements) (quality and cheap vitamins and supplements) (food nutrition) (find a naturopath near you, and ask for a sliding scale as needed)

graviola at (a natural cancer relief medicine, check with your Doctor) (cancer support groups in your area) (common and latin names of many plants) (phytochemical and ethnobotanical database, see references for remedies) (medical info) (first aid info) (medical info) (patient network) (treatment rating and reviews) (autism groups)

Food: (Native American essential garden, all you need!) (linking gardeners and land)

Google: good and cheap ($4 meals designed for the SNAP budget) (really basic cooking) (vegetarian recipes) (American standard fare) (gourmet recipes)

Clothing/Fair Trade/Collaborative Financing:

This discussion applies to a wider range than just clothing, but it is relevant here.  The prices of clothing in this section are very low, compared to store prices (aside from ‘fair trade’).  That is partially because the seller is selling online and doesn’t have to pay rent.  (Which reminds me, pay with PayPal when you can, for your safety.)  But it also belies the fact that in clothing the real cost for these goods is very, very low.  Why?  Because in the developing world, ie Asia and Latin America in most of these cases, and Uzbekistan where some of cotton is grown, wage slavery and outright slavery exist.  People are paid little or no money make cotton, although not all of our cotton comes from slave labor (  That is why the cost to the consumer is so low.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy clothes anymore, but I do suggest that you kick up a fuss with your Congresspeople (202-224-3121) about the nature of wage slavery and how big business is getting away with making billions of dollars from the servitude of the vulnerable in the developing world (google ‘race to the bottom’).  Check out Do a little research on Levi’s, Hanes or whomever you are buying from, and protest with your Senators and Congressperson while you buy.  Remember, you are also vulnerable, so don’t count yourself out… but we all have to stick together.  Other products that are made under slavery conditions are tuna, shrimp, chocolate, gold and diamonds.  Wars are fought over fossil fuels.  We are in a predicament. (low priced glasses, wide variety) (discount jeans and work clothes… check out the coveralls for winter; heat your body, not your whole home!)

Skechers shoes:  (   (also Google Skechers and see a variety of websites for Skechers options) 

Skechers run at about $65 and up with free shipping, come in wide sizes, have a vast array of styles and are a great pair of shoes.  You can easily find a pair of shoes you love for $65 or so. (ethical, vegan shoes)  (vegan shoes) (microfinance shoes) (pro love vegan shoes) (Ethiopian fair trade shoes) (African fair trade shoes) (fair trade products)

Merrell Moab Rover shoes (please google this) (great selection of wide/very wide shoes.  See Hitchcock, New Balance, Dunham, Drew, Orthofeet, PW Minor, Skechers, Tundra and much much more!  Men’s and Women’s.)  (this is mainly for wholesale and bulk orders, please make a note of this) (check out their prices for t’s and underwear) (cheap name brand tees and long sleeve shirts, NOT fair trade or vegan) (5.99 fashion, low priced clothes) (fair trade clothes and other hippie stuff) (resale clothing, very cool) (knitting your own clothes) (online consignment and thrift store) (free stuff online) (thrift stores near you) (best thrift store in your State)

I just discovered that Walmart has great winter wool socks for only $5 a pair (wash in cold water only).  Walmart is also known for its thick, white, large plastic cutting board and for its j-b weld and silicone glue (which has many uses).  Walmart has great Pyrex bowls and their pharmacy section is great.  They have a $3 backstratcher that I really like.  Try not to buy too much at Walmart, however, as they treat their employees in China and elsewhere abysmally.

The following crowdfunding resources are useful if you need loans on your business, buying a house or a car (or perhaps a solar powered electric bike!):

Bikes and Outdoors:

Bikes are a great mode of transportation in any event, and before you can afford a car, a great way to get around.  Bicycles can help with a DUI problem, and mountain bikes are fun anyway.  The following bikes are high quality bikes at a low price.  Look on the Internet for solar powered electric bikes.  They may be expensive, but less than a car or motorcycle, and pollution free. (discount bike parts)  (shopping for parts from your local bicycle shop is also good for your local economy, and the quality of the parts may be better.  Your choice.). To help with online maintenance, google ‘Global Cycling Network’ and see the maintenance section.


‘The Pitch’ (mountain bike)

Marin Bolinas 1 (mountain bike)

Marin Bolinas 1 the wildcat (women’s mountain bike)

Trek Marlin 5 (mountain bike)

FX 2 Trek (hybrid,for urban areas)

Shop for: solstice helmets and daytime running lights (battery rechargeable), for your protection.


The backpacking equipment also doubles as winter wear if you are just getting started in a new home, or if you recently lost your home.  Parkas, sleeping bags, boots and the like all help with winter weather, and when better times come you have invested in things you can use anyway!  Plus a little camping gear, which doesn’t hurt.

look for deals and clearance in the following backpacking sites: (Sierra Trading Post catalog for backpacking)  (catalog for backpacking, low cost, high value) (survival gear) (how to make a long bow)

My friend Brad makes the wonderful point that buying from Amazon is really fueling the military, as Amazon donates heavily to the military.  I do not advocate anything that supports the US military, it is fascist to support a military that rules the world.  However, you may find yourself in need, and you cannot find the things you need at your local store, and you need to shop at Amazon or an International Business.  If so, that is understandable.  The main point at this time in history is that we need to consume less, and save more.  By consuming less, we save the environment and reduce human rights violations of people around the world.  So please, take what you need, and give what you can, and take care of yourself.  Buy local as you are able.

Look in for winter gear:  dome tent, gore-tex bivy sack, gore-tex pants, zero degree sleeping bag, hiking backpack, Sorel boots (women and men), winter parka (women and men), puff jacket (women and men, very warm at low cost), merino wool blend socks.  Try googling your word search with ‘best buy’ in front and see if you can generate a list of choices that fall in your price range, and then search in Amazon for the product.  You can use that method for almost any item you buy on this page.

Here are some other Amazon finds that you may enjoy (as mentioned earlier).  (With all of these categories, google ‘best buy’ for each item as well, and see what you get).  Enter the following ASIN characters (use all caps) in the Amazon search engine as you are interested:  Solar Flashlight (ASIN # B073NZM9TV), Solar NOAA weather radio (ASIN # B077XHM8ZT), Polar Fleece sheets (ASIN # B01NCIDYLA), Eneloop rechargeable batteries (said to be very high quality, a variety of sizes), PEVA 3 shower liner (ASIN # B00LS9UD2M), OXO good grips smooth edge can opener (a little pricey, but you can use the tops as lids which saves. ASIN # B000079XW2), inexpensive Chocolate Colored Feather Down Comforter (ASIN # B000Y8ZQUW), Survival multi-tool 12 in 1 with knife and LED light (ASIN # B000NU40V2), Abco lightweight (summer/warm weather only) Sleeping Bag (ASIN # B01EIQH9JG).   ALPS Mountaineering Crescent Lake 0-Degree Sleeping Bag ( ASIN # B00G6HTG2E) Pest Reject (ASIN # B077HNPR41)(uses sound to ward off insects and rodents so you don’t need pesticides) MEEPHONG Handheld Game Console (ASIN # B07QYL97Q1) (great inexpensive “gameboy” clone) LANGY LIST-Mens Casual Loose Fit Cargo Shorts (ASIN # B07PKVSB4Z) (inexpensive cargo shorts, many colors), Zhusheng Men’s Mesh 16 Pockets Photography Fishing Travel Outdoor Quick Dry Vest  (ASIN # B078RK4ZW8) (great outdoor vest), Kiss My Face organic suntan lotion, SPF 50 (ASIN # B00FTCBFVC) I know that when you are homeless or traveling a nice light bag can make a big difference.  I do not yet own these bags, but after a long search on Amazon, check out these Waterfly sling bags (ASIN #  B015PW51AQ and #  B07DYLNJ2H )  Neither one allows much space, but you may not want to carry much, just the essentials until you settle down.  These are great, cheap bags just for that.  For computer paper, see recycled Hammermill paper at (ASIN # B00006L380).

Now that you are looking at Amazon for special items I want to bring up Lily’s TV Items:

I assume they are making their money on volume, because they advertise very useful items at low cost.  Some of Lily’s stuff is junk, but a lot of it is really useful stuff.  It is the kind of stuff you see advertised on late night tv.  Take advantage of it!

Construction and Alternative Energy: (construction books; these books can help you get a good job if you are a seasoned construction worker) (see all flex products, scroll down; glue, seal, tape) (eco friendly building) (wind generators) (clean water) (solar panels) (solar panels) (solar panel micro inverter) (solar panel inverter) (solar panel inverter) (solar panel inverter) (solar panel inverter) (solar panel inverter) (solar panel inverter) (solar panel inverter) (battery often needed for solar power) (battery) (solar hot water heaters)

(see also: (find a solar installer) (pay for a wind farm while staying on the grid!  Call them for details. Great for renters.) (wind tree, up and coming, look for this) (whole earth catalog; see also the back issues, into the 70’s!) (small-scale renewable energy.  Great for living off the land.) (all kinds of low technology ideas)


Your local United Way might be able to help with giving your local non-profit computers for free.  (Internet phone for free!) (Internet phone for $60 per year)

See at Amazon:  $50 for Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7” Display, 8 GB, Black – with Special Offers ASIN # B01GEW27DA (and see the updated version) You may also want an SD card for more memory, up to 256 GB.  You can get free Internet in a local cafe, library or restaurant, which would save on the $70 or so monthly fee for Internet.  You can also stack usb ports in the power slot and have a printer, keyboard, CD ROM, chargers for your bike lights, etc.  This is a great alternative for the desktop, probably even better than the iPad Mini, below.  Fire 7 has office products, can upload skype, lyft, movie pass, games, videos, etc.  Fire 7 is great for the short run, if you are trying to get your feet on the ground and you need a cheap tablet.  Check them all (iPad, desktop, Fire 7) out, see what fits you best.  Check out this Fire 7 case at ASIN # B07236C6WR  Lifespan of Fire 7 is about 1.5-2 years or more, I am told.

See at Best Buy, Apple iPad Mini 4 128 Gig (see the updated version): (may be all you need… all the functions of a desktop at 1/4 the price, all the memory, and a liquid won’t spill on the keyboard like a laptop.  Also note it is at Best Buy.  You can add a usb hub to the lightning connector, and chrome cast to an HDMI TV or monitor for better visuals.  I have not tried this!!  But I think it will work at the fraction of the cost of a desktop, and it is portable.  Contact Apple and Best Buy and see if this would work for you.  It also has iWork Pages as a word processor.  If you aren’t going to be using a lot of graphics, just basic use of the computer (email, web browsing, iTunes, word processing), this may be a high value, low cost way to go for you.  You will have to replace the iPad  Mini every two-four years or so.

If you have the cash, Mac is the way to go for all the bells and whistles.  Plus they last about 7 years.  But they are expensive, running into $1000 or more. (refurbished and special deals through Apple/ Macs) (used macs) (used macs) (buy and sell used macs) (mac computer accessories) (mac aid) (mac aid) (mac aid) (mac aid) (wayback machine, review old copies of websites) (webzine, deluxe) (free open source software) (make your own website)

Travel:  (zip rental car) (uber taxi… read the reviews first!  People have complained of credit card theft.  Alternatively, you can get a job as a driver if you are interested, do some easy moonlighting on your schedule.) (same as uber, see if it is in your area) (cheap travel packages) (blue driver video) (iPhone/Android used to scan your vehicle)


cooperative companies: (cooking), (cooking), (cooking), (variety of jobs), (all home needs). Check and see if any of these are in your area.   See also in your area for jobs and (glassdoor, a very comprehensive guide for finding a good job in your area)

I think this is mainly urban, but you may see this as a template to start your own business.  Find out from your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Association what you need to do to get started.

Education:  (National Literacy Directory)  (learning sign language)  (english as a second language) (library ebooks, etc) (National Academy of Engineering… for a sustainable world)  (online courses; credit, but you have to pay tuition) (free online courses/no credit) (free online courses/no credit) (free online courses/no credit) (I had trouble with this website, but it is a huge list of free online courses/no credit) (MIT open courseware/not sure about credit) credit) (free online courses, copy and paste(I don’t this this offers credit)) (great educational resource) (text books, etc for standard education) (science) (NPR Ted Radio Hour)

If you are looking for scholarships for college, go to your local college guidance and career office (unless you are in high school, in which case you would use your own guidance office) and ask if you can look at their files to find scholarships.  They are very well organized and can help you quickly find what scholarships match your background.  Be honest, and put your best foot forward with your credentials.  Bring a pad and paper with you.  They will give you a list of things to do and people to call to get started.  Don’t forget to thank them!  You will be back soon and need their help.

Another thing to not overlook is the combination of working a minimum wage job (that is safe) and going to community college for a couple of years before applying to the college of your dreams.  This is a great way to keep the costs of student loans down, the massive pressure of college off and get you ready for your second two years at the college of your dreams if you keep your grades up.  If your dreams do not include a good income such as the life of an artist, you also might consider a one year (or less) program that is a trade school program in your field.  Trade school can provide an income that your field of expertise (such as the arts or leftist politics) cannot provide.  You can make money in your trade and spend the bulk of your time fulfilling your dreams.  Just a suggestion.

This is a fairly radical idea, but it might be useful.  Your late teens and twenties can be very stressful as you are trying to learn skills, find a spouse, find a good job, buy a house, keep friendships, etc.  You might consider finding a few friends that you have a lot in common with and share some of your wealth, like a tax in common for stressful periods.  You can also share workshops on skills you have learned in various areas, everything from raising a toddler to working on a computer to fixing a bike to car repair.  Anything at all.  It is so helpful to work together!  And friendship makes a huge difference.  In your twenties I strongly recommend this loosely communal experience.  There is so much to learn, and it is so helpful to learn it with a margarita in your hand and a friend at your back.  You don’t all have to live in the same house, but take care of one another, it makes such a difference.

Music, News and Entertainment:  (music that lasts longer than a CD) (discography five star album ratings; a great way to explore new music) (great for finding new music) (inexpensive tv programming, better than buying cable) (leftist news programs 24/7) (leftist news hour) (leftist online news) (African American radio) (Native Voice One) (stargazing via the computer)

Netflix streaming is fun at only $8/mo

Amazon Prime is about $8/mo and you get free shipping on many shopping items, making it an advantage over Netflix

Amazon Prime is now about 1/2 off for people with disabilities:

( ($10 per month, a good deal, must have iPhone or Android)

There is a fun game from called Apples to Apples.  Very creative and usually more funny than competitive, a great party game or fun for just a few friends.

Law, Unions and Charity: (tenants rights) (VA tenant’s rights and legal aid … Google tenant’s rights in your State, as well as legal aid) (conscientious objector status) (human rights lawyers for US abuses such as minority or immigrant rights) (public access to the law) (public access to the law) (Native American defense of Indian Tribes, organizations, etc) (Native American resources) (write your own resume) (united farm workers. Network with them as needed.) (very progressive union, united electric. Network with them.) (America’s largest union, network with them)

Google your union according to your trade and organize!  (working for a just and sustainable workplace) (working toward a just workplace) (civil liberties, add your own State abbreviation) (also see the State legal bar website, as well as the county courthouse library, and ask for help from the librarian) (donate to charities by clicks)

if possible it is a good idea to get renters insurance, not so much to protect your valuables, but rather if a disaster happens and you are implicated in any way.  An example would be a fire, or plumbing bursting, etc. in which cases thousands of dollars worth of damage would be covered under renters insurance, usually costing about $100 or so per year.

Religion: (internet Sacred Text Archive) (Zoroastrianism) (Bible concordance) (Judaism) (English Bibles) (Christianity) (Sufi faith (Islam): al-Ghazali) (Islam) (Bahai faith) (Bahai’i) (Qi Gong, a great way to find Spirit within and the chakras) (Buddhism) (Taoism) (Confucianism) (Jainism) (Hinduism) (Bhaktivedanta Vedabase (Hindu faith)) (Bhagavad Gita (Hinduism / ISKCON)) (African Religions) (Native American Religions) (how to build a sweatlodge… but take your time!) (Paganism) (witchraft) (Wiccan Goddess chant) (Asatru (Germanic Paganism)) (Asatru (Germanic Paganism)) (Asatru (Germanic Paganism))

Environment: (environmental standards) (conservation international) (top global climate movement) (join for a higher environmental standard) (Sierra Club) (Natural Resources Defense Council) (Rainforest Action Network)

Leatherman tools are great to have around.  Even better are SOG tools,  SOG come with a lifetime warranty and are top of the line in multi-tools, worth a little extra money.


If you like a title below, enter it in and look at the reviews, and see if it seems to match your expectations.

Try to get your library to order the books you are interested in if they are not already in the stacks, they may want it in their collection. This is a free service. 

Otherwise, you may be able to get your book at 

  • Book Finder (your best bet, just plug in the ISBN in Book Finder … ISBN found at the middle of the webpage of the book title) (
  • Abe Books (
  • or via inter library loan at a small fee like $3… 
  • although used books can cost as little as $4 with shipping
  • (rare and hard to find books)


The Parents Tao Te Ching by Martin (child raising)

Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Mogel

1-2-3 Magic: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting by Phelan

Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World by Glenn and Nelsen

Escaping the Endless Adolescence by Allen and Allen

See also the Headstart program in your area.

Self-Help and Vision:

The Miracle Morning by Elrod (self help)

Callings by Levoy (vocational and self-discovery guide)

The Way of the Shaman by Harner

Survival:  (sorry to add a link in the books section, but this link is germane to the following book topics and is very comprehensive)

The Hopi Survival Kit by Mails (survival book)

Camping and Wilderness Survival by Tawrell (survival book)

The Backpacker’s Field Manual by Curtis

Native American Crafts and Skills by Montgomery (survival book)

SAS Survival Guide (pocket edition) by Wiseman (a pocket book on survival)

When All Hell Breaks Loose by Lundin (survival in the ‘burbs)

The Foxfire Book and the Foxfire series of books, by Wigginton

Medicinal Plants and Herbs by Foster and Duke (foraging/medicinal guide, see the western or eastern/central version… please only forage no more than 1/3 of a given area of a species of plant)

A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants by Peterson and Peterson

Find a good filtration bottle on for $30 such as:  Sawyer Mini Water Filter or Sawyer Straw Filter (purports to filter almost all bacterial and viral pathogens, even cholera, typhoid and dysentery)

Mental/Physical Health (most books recommended by professional psychologists):

A Conscious Person’s Guide to Relationships by Keyes, Jr.

A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook by Stahl and Goldstein (stress relief)

I Hate You – Don’t Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality by Kreisman and Straus (mental health)

Overcoming Trauma and PTSD: A Workbook Integrating Skills from ACT, DBT, and CBT Paperback by Raja (PTSD)

The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself From Chronic Unhappiness by Williams, Teasdale, Segal and Kabat-Zinn (depression)

Feeling Good by Burns (on recovery from depression)

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation & Tolerance by MCKay, Wood and Brantley (mental health)

Understanding Mental Disorders: Your Guide to DSM-5® 1st Edition by American Psychiatric Association (guide to one’s personal mental illness)

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, Second Edition by Miklowitz

Understanding Schizophrenia: A Practical Guide for Patients, Families and Health Care Professionals by Reddy and Keshavan (both MD’s) (schizophrenia)

The Anxiety and Worry Workbook: The Cognitive Behavioral Solution Paperback by David Clark, Ph.D and Aaron Beck, MD (anxiety)

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers Hardcover   by David Perlmutter (sugar/grain and mental health)

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk MD (mental health and holistic healing)

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch and Balch (herbal remedies, very specific)

Our Bodies, Ourselves by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective

The Massage Book by Downing

Food and Garden:

Joy of Cooking by Rombauer and Becker

Cook Like a Pro by Garten (see the series by Ina Garten)

All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition by Bartholomew

The New Organic Grower by Coleman

The Rodale Book of Composting by Gershuny et al

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving by Kingry and Devine

Survival in the 21st Century by Kulvinskas

Biking and Transportation:

Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance by Zinn 

Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Zinn

Bicycle Repair by van der Plas

Auto Fundamentals:  How and Why to the Design, Construction, and Operation of Automobiles:  Applicable to all Makes and Models by Stockel and Johanson


The New Way Things Work by Macaulay (fun basics in mechanical engineering)

Building Green, New Edition by Clarke Snell and Tim Callahan

More Other Homes and Garbage: Designs for Self-Sufficient Living by Leckie et al 

Cabins by Stiles and Stiles

The Natural House by Chiras (alternative building, gateway book for natural building)

The Cob Builders Handbook by Becky Bee

The Hand-Sculpted House by Evans and Smith (Cob building, a top alternative design)

The New Create an Oasis with Greywater by Ludwig

(do searches for low water use sinks, filters and ‘recycling shower loop’)

Modern Carpentry by Wagner and Smith (master book on carpentry)

Homebrew Windpower by Bartmann (how to make your own wind generator; beware of flying magnets!)

Solar Electricity Handbook by Boxwell

Build Your Own Solar Panel by Hurley

Solar Living Sourcebook by Schaeffer (gateway book for renewable energy and building)

(see also books on ‘hempcrete’, make use of cedar for roofing to filter water for rainwater harvesting, and salvage recycled steel when possible.)

The Humanure Handbook by Jenkins (I did not read or get a recommendation for this book, but it got rave reviews at Amazon.  Try to get this one through the library)

The combination of the Tiny House design (for an inexpensive design that can house all of the ‘goodies’ of good living in an affordable space) with the Yurt (which is a great design for spacious, inexpensive living)… can be the best of both worlds of inexpensive living.  You can have all your goodies in your Tiny House and enjoy them in your spacious Yurt which you build and connect to your Tiny House.  Your Tiny House is then your den/power center/kitchen/storage area and your Yurt is your living room/entertainment center/game room/dance area/television area.  All under $25K potentially, depending on how well you ‘soup it up’!  The Tiny House should cost around $15K to build, and the Yurt around $5K (as a rough estimate, don’t quote me!).  This is an idea in my mind, I have not seen this done, but I think it would work well. Do Google and YouTube searches on Tiny House and Yurt construction and see what you can find. 

Tiny House Design & Construction Guide by Louche (picked by Amazon reviews)

The Complete Yurt Handbook by King (picked by Amazon reviews)

Education, Computers, etc:

Multiple Intelligences by Gardner (for teachers and students on learning)

Curriculum of Love by Daleo and Riccio (for children)

The End of the Rainbow by Engel (for children)

Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow by Albert  (for children)

Educating for Wisdom and Compassion by Miller (for all ages 12 and above I surmise)

Cottage Industry:

Upgrading and Repairing PCs by Mueller

Linux for Beginners by Cannon (Linux is free open source ware that is virus free and does not cost anything for software)

How Linux Works by Ward (advanced Linux)

One Skein Wonders by Durant (knitting)

Yarnitecture:  A Knitter’s Guide to Spinning by Moreno 

Spinning in the Old Way by Gibson-Roberts 

Start Spinning by Casey

Respect the Spindle by Franquemonmt 

The Field Guide to Fleece by Ekarius

Weaving Sourcebook by Regensteiner

Wild and Weedy Apothecary by Shababy

The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook by Green

Herbal books by Rosemary Gladstar

Art and Writing:

The Artist’s Way by Cameron

Writing Down the Bones by Goldberg (writing skills)

The Writers Portable Mentor by Long (writing skills)

Writing Alone and with Others by Schneider and Elbow (writing skills)

Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual by Poynter

Games for Actors and Non-Actors by Boal

Political Organizing:

Nonviolent Communication by Rosenberg (for mediating)

Abbie Hoffman American Rebel by Marty Jezer (a biography of Abbie Hoffman, a hippie revolutionary)

Revolution for the Hell of It by Abbie Hoffman  (the life of a revolutionary)

Organizing to Win by Bronfenbrenner and Friedman (union organizing)

No Short Cuts by McAlevey (union organizing and political organizing)

Organizing for Social Change 4th ed by Bobo, Kendall and Max (for political organizing)

Doing Democracy by Moyer

Tools for Grassroots Activists: Best Practices for Success in the Environmental Movement by Gallagher and Myers (eds) (I have not read this book and it did not come recommended, but the reviews were good at Amazon.  Check this one out from your local library)

Google your peace and justice center in your state and organize!  Also, there is probably a United Way near you that can help with non-profit kinds of projects, and partner with non-profits.  They might be able to give a local non-profit computers to give away and other hardware.


Wheels of Life by Judith (book on the chakras, spirituality)

Spiral Dance by Starhawk (good witchcraft)

The Sacred Tree by Bopp (Native American philosophy)

The Secret Teachings of Plants by Buhner (Nat Am spirituality)

Animal Speak by Andrews (Nat Am spirituality)

The Book of the Hopi by Waters (Nat Am philosophy)

Purification of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf (Islamic spirituality)

Bending Reality by Kelman (the channeling of Sir Garrod and unconditional love)

Hands of Light by Brennan (healing of the chakra system)

The Dammapada and Upanishads by Easwaran (Buddhist/Indian philosophy respectively)

Analects by Confucius

The Power of Myth by Moyers 

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Tufte (visually enlightening)

Spider Speculations by Jo Carson (spiritual)

Summa Theologica by Aquinas (Christian theology)

A Brief History of Time by Hawking (science on the mysteries)


The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jacobs (urban planning)

Independent Life: Homes and Neighborhoods for Aging America by Cisneros (urban planning)

Cultural Atlas of China by Blundenand Elvin

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea by Hinsch

The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Herer and Cabarga (a case against marijuana prohibition)

The Complete Homebrew Beer Book by Hummel (great book on seemingly limitless variety of home brewing beer)


More on buying products, how to get free things, and speaking up for the poor in the global south:

When you find yourself buying the same item on the market over and over again, see if there is a coupon for it online somewhere by googling ‘coupon’ and then the brand name of the item. I have a list of all the items I use over and over again in my house, and when I need something from that list I can see if it has a coupon available online. It is about a dozen items for me. Not a tremendous savings, but you can do it if you are interested. The savings adds up over time. 

Barkeeper’s Friend (liquid, not powder) does a great job on tough tub and sink grime, which is at Target for under $3 for a 26 oz bottle.  (Britta water filters can also be found in a generic brand in bulk at Target.) Dawn liquid dish soap is powerful in cutting oil and grease in any capacity… kitchen, laundry, car engine, you name it! LA’s Totally Awesome is good for cleaning stains on clothes. At the Dollar Store you can find Totally Awesome Pre-Wash.  Pre-Wash is good for stains on clothes, although it is full of chemicals that are probably bad for the environment.  I have found that if Pre-Wash doesn’t get a stain out the first time, even if it goes through the dryer, I can spray the spot again with Pre-Wash, rub it in, wait a minute and wash it again and the stain might come out.  For getting out stains it is best to get the stain remover on the stain immediately, and wash the item right away if possible.  For regular wash I use Biokleen from the co-op or  It is environmentally friendly.

I also like to use Simple Green, which is biodegradable, for cleaning sinks, countertops and floors.  It is inexpensive at Kroger or Lowes.  Also at Lowes are Danco Water Saving Aerators.  Danco will help your water bill.

Milwaukee power tools seem to be a good buy, as is Makita.  DeWalt has more power and the batteries last longer, but the Makita is lighter and more comfortable to use, and therefore you will find it easier to do better work.  Buy tools from big box stores with a warrantee if you can. Snap-On, Craftsman or Mac tools are great hand tools for professionals.

Panasonic Lumix is said to be a good buy for a camera. I have one and I like it a lot.

Volkswagen is a great car (GTI, Golf, etc). Hondas are also great cars, but don’t have the reputation they had 30 years ago of lasting forever. Nonetheless, they are great cars; try Accord, Civic and Fit.  2008 was a bad year for Accord (  Toyotas are also good cars, although I don’t know models that are good choices.  For all three, see Consumer Reports.  See also, Edmunds and Autotrader for auto searches:

If you can find a running car that does not have a computer chip, Haynes manuals can be useful to help repair them, if you like to work on cars.  See also Chilton online, what a powerful tool for car repair: 

You can use YouTube to help with car repair, although that is a little risky, use common sense and extreme caution and multiple searches with YouTube. 

Please use public transportation such as bus, subway, train, uber, lyft, carpool, bicycling, jogging and walking as much as possible to slow climate change.  I wince every time I see one person in a car and think of flooding and famine in the rest of the world due to climate change.  Please carpool as much as possible, cars are a major contributor to global climate change.

Another idea is to get a solar panel just for your hot water heater. The solar panel doesn’t cost much, but hot water is a huge amount of the electric bill in the house.  This is said to be a very cost efficient move in the solar industry.

Try YouTubing:  biosand filtration, pot in pot (zeer) refrigeration, solar tyre cooker, rooftop rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation, the windowfarms project, homemade ram pump. Also see: adobe, cob, straw bale building, hempcrete and Earthship; as well as five system gray water and composting toilet. Good, sustainable building projects. You should also be able to YouTube bicycle repair, and a great sport, Ultimate Frisbee. All of this is great for living close to the Earth and for survival if the electrical grid fails.

If you are new to gardening, you should know about compost. Compost is a collection of nutrients that you can put on the garden when you till it in the Spring. Compost is usually one part vegetable matter (NO meat) from your kitchen, one part leaves, one part soil one part manure… especially goat or chicken manure, some earthworms and really small (like 1 cup per 10 gallons of compost) amount of campfire ash (you be the judge, you don’t want the chemicals in the ash to burn the plants you are about to fertilize). Compost needs to be turned occasionally with a pitchfork so that the bacteria can break it down. There are large tumblers now that you can find in gardening magazines and places like Lowes that make it easy to compost. In the fall or winter put one part of cow manure on the garden and work it in with a trowel. Also, you can mince up cayenne pepper, garlic and/or marigold in a water spray to repel insects. Check these homemade sprays out on the Internet.

Compost heats to 180 deg F in the center, where the bacteria eat and digest the vegetable matter. You can run a coil of polyethylene pipe with water in it in the center of the compost (if you want to arrange it that way somehow), and the compost will heat the water. It is a great way to get hot water in a remote area. Just make sure there are no seams or ends in the coil that are in the compost area.

Now, this makes a great raised bed/window box garden: First, drill holes in the bottom of your plastic storage bins so that water can get out of them. 16 holes per 2X4 bin is fine. Put the bins on one layer of four cinder block, in a place that will remain the window garden. Put in a layer of gravel, 3 inches high. Put in a layer of leaves and straw to the desired height of the raised bed. You will need a section for sandy soil, as some plants require sandy soil. Make 2-4 quarts of sandy soil. Then, one part: compost, topsoil. ¼ part: chicken manure, vermiculite, and some earthworms. Mix it all up, you have a raised bed or window garden. In the winter, mix in one part of cow manure. These bins are an advantage in that you probably won’t have to weed, and pest control is at a minimum. I haven’t used this, but again, try garlic, cayenne and marigold (powder or food processed) in a spray water bottle on the plants for bugs.  A friend told me how to make this, and I am ever grateful.

In addition to YouTube, don’t overlook using Google, Wikipedia, WorldCat, the New York Times and your local library/University library card catalog online in doing research. And in shopping, remember Consumer Reports, craigslist, eBay (check the seller feedback and don’t get scammed, try to use PayPal as much as possible… if you like an expensive product on the website portion of this document, see if it is on eBay for less) and yard sales (get there early on Saturday morning). Don’t forget your local dollar store, and your local thrift shop. Also, if you are about to buy an expensive product, type the brand name and type of product followed by ‘coupon’ or ‘discount’ in Google. Often you can find a deal. Also, your local university may have an online “craigslist”. is great for shopping, both for price and diversity.

Please, use mass transportation and bicycle as much as possible. Carpooling is great for the environment, especially to and from work with people you trust. Also, please green up your home with insulation as much as possible. All of these suggestions saves you money and is very good for controlling global climate change. You can’t change the climate yourself, but together we can all change it. And please vote for our environment as well. Write letters to your favorite Congressperson insisting that we have a safe environment. You may want to also add that Americans need jobs… not just mundane manufacturing jobs, but sophisticated and meaningful work, at a good wage. We are ready for that.

If you are looking for a job and have been unemployed for a while, you can find tips about getting a job on the Internet. In my opinion it is a very good idea to have a trade under your belt in this economy, something that takes a year or so of education at a trade school in something you enjoy. More cerebral degrees may or may not be in demand, but trades will always be in demand. Also, you can google your own city Chamber of Commerce and skim through the businesses in your city. You can find businesses that you would like to work for, or companies that you would like to apply your skills for. Do a knock out job on your resume and send it in, even if they aren’t hiring at the time. Call them back now and then to follow up (every six weeks or so). Possibly in a few months or so down the line you will get a call for your dream job.

As the Hopi say, protect land and life, be humble, and live a long and happy life. The Hopi are our nation’s most spiritually advanced people, and their literature is definitely wise to read. You can find their work on, WorldCat and in other places on the Internet. Please pray for the Hopi.

If you are homeless and using this document, I encourage you to go to a church nearby that isn’t completely overboard with impressing you with their Christian views, and ask them for food from their pantry. Also ask them for help in getting services at the local social security office, if this appeals to you. Essentially, the church can help you as a general ally, and social services can help you with money matters such as: food stamps, ssi or ssdi if you are disabled, heating/cooling assistance, WIC, etc. The church can also get you to the doctor/family member if you have a physical or mental illness, and help you with getting you on insurance. Also, churches sometimes help the homeless with getting work and services for work. The churches can help you with using the phone to get a local job, find housing, see a doctor, etc. Contacting the local United Way can help you find social services in the area, also. They tend to be a networking hub for social programs.  Also, Community Action centers can help with free services such as food and other free services.  Free clinics often are free medical clinics or have a sliding scale in your area.  Lions’ Clubs in your area offer free prescription glasses.  In some areas there are free dental days once a year where groups of dentists serve whole regions of low income people en masse over a 3-4 day period (they do this in my area).  Some areas have community gardens where you can do some volunteer work and in exchange receive free produce.  With time banking (google it) in your area you can barter your volunteer work in exchange for a service you really want from a pool of services of others in the barter pool.  This is excellent for disabled who cannot work, Medicaid safe as it is volunteer work.  Friends who are getting services like yours are great to network with.  They may know things you don’t know about and vise verse.  Share info!!  See also for creating/joining a lending library of tools and other needed things.   Also, the local library likely has the Internet as well as a wealth of resources that you can use to help you. 

Don’t be ashamed or feel bad about homelessness… it is part of the fabric of the American way at this point. Do your best and make good choices and you should find yourself in a good situation soon. Take your time to make good decisions. A little love in your heart, some common sense and a wish will carry you a long way… just keep helping others as you are able.  Life always is about give and take.  And network, network, network!

If you are mentally ill, fight for your mental health! Make sure you get the best medicine, what is right for you, make sure you get a competent psychiatrist, don’t stop until you get a well read and thoughtful therapist. You deserve it!  See if your area has a PACT (Program Assertive Community Treatment) or ICT (Intensive Community Treatment)  program in your area for the mentally ill (look it up on the Internet).  These programs are very comprehensive for outpatient care and can make a world of difference in recovery, as can a vocational rehabilitation advisor if needed.  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) your disability is legally protected in the workforce.  If you tell your employer you have a mental illness at the outset of a job, you cannot be fired for that same mental illness, for example.  Look into this for yourself.   Also, support groups help so much, it is so helpful to know others are going through the same thing you are, and to share wisdom in overcoming common problems.  Wisdom in numbers is an amplification of personal wisdom.  Get as much of it as you can!  Really understanding your confusion and being able to ask a person that can answer the question with clear understanding is an art.  Sometimes it is luck.  I find that if I am sincere in overcoming my problems, the Spirit matches me with answers.

If you are unable to work due to disability of a physical or mental nature (as defined by your General Practitioner (doctor) for physical disability and your psychiatrist for mental illness) you are eligible for ssi if you have not worked and ssdi if you have worked.  Ssdi is preferred, as it is a larger income (you can be eligible for both).  If you have a disability, sign up for ssi benefits right away.  You may not get accepted right away, but the program is retroactive to the time you first signed the ssi document.  So if you get the benefits 6 years after you first signed, you will will get 6 years of benefits as your first check from social services.  After that you will get a regular monthly check.  You are also eligible for “food stamps” (SNAP, now a card) as well as heating and cooling assistance and WIC from Social Services.  You are eligible for rental assistance at apartments that fit the guidelines of rental assistance (section 8 voucher), as well as HUD housing.  You are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, and a health care provider such as Aetna or United Healthcare.  And again, you are eligible for programs like PACT/ICT, support groups, food banks, church programs, community non-profits for those with disabilities, community action programs, etc.  And if you would like to go back to work or work part time there are programs such as vocational rehabilitation that is designed to help those with disabilities to go back to work or trade school/GED/college.  Also, sis and ssdi are designed to help with going back to work in a stair-step fashion with part to full time work. If you try to go into a field you really like, you will probably face less problems during the rough times as your interest in the work and passion for the work and workmates will carry you through.

If you are an elder and looking for assistance, please see your local Agency on Aging:

They have great services and serve as a networking center for other services for the elderly in your local area.  A great place to start.  Also check out the meals on wheels in your area for food.

 It is a unique time in world history for us all to unify for world peace, fair trade, and environmental relief, regardless of race, religion, class, education, etc. It is time to remember that we are all equal and it takes all of us to make a great day.  Cooperation, not competition, is what is needed now.

You may not think of this much, but in this country, and even around the world, we are all connected either by blood, marriage or both. We are one world family in a way that we have not been in probably thousands of years. So I hope you will take a moment to love the unlovable, as the Hopi would say, because that person is a distant relative, and make peace our goal (another Hopi saying), as we have no choice. It is up to us, because I don’t think the government or the UN can handle the problem. Have a wonderful day! Seth,     …in loving memory of Abbie Hoffman…

PS:  Here are some things about the US military-industrial complex every American should know about:

Here is a short reading list about international catastrophe and oppression that we, as Americans, are responsible for. Our votes make a difference in foreign policy- they can’t vote in America but are affected by the American military-industrial complex, and we benefit from it:

Killing Hope by Blum  (voice of war victims from WWII until the Iraq war)

Made in China by Ngai (voice of wage slavery in microcosm of the world.  Wage slavery is in the 100s of millions in the developing world… Latin America, Africa and much of Asia.  10% of the global economy is from some form of outright slavery.  Tuna, chocolate, shrimp, cotton, diamonds and gold are all industries replete with slavery conditions, and should be avoided as much as possible.)

World on the Edge by Brown  (a voice of the environment of the world)

Be political! If you don’t like what is going on around the world in the name of America, call your Senator and Congressperson at 202-224-3121 and let them know what city and State you are from. Then tell them what you think of constant war, wage slavery, environmental collapse and relocation of native people. Be frank. We get treated like kings compared to the hardships of people in the developing world… because of the hardships of the people of the developing world!

You can find out what incumbent politicians background are like, and even contending candidates in elections seasons at  Please share this website far and wide. The more you know about politicians and how they can help you, the wiser choice you can make in the voting box.  Please, please vote, and vote informed.  And remember, your vote can help the poor in the developing world, who cannot vote against criminal behavior of said US politicians that oppress them via the economy and military.  In fact, only you can change that, with your vote!  Again, please spread the word about

Love one another, people, we are all we’ve got.  Love is something beautiful that you have deep within you, unique to you, which no one can take away.  Love will get you through anything.  Share it and watch miracles happen!  Goddess bless you.

Please note that water purification systems and the like referred to in this text generally refer to elimination of bacterial and viral substances, not chemical or radioactive.  Chemically or radioactively polluted water should be avoided, and your local government office or university may be helpful in identifying this.

Please note that I am only an activist and not a professional in any of these fields. I try to provide quality information, but I make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in this document. Any advice given in this document should be further reviewed, preferably via professionals in the field.


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usefulinks links and books you will find very useful. Dear Friends, Family and Everyone, Here are useful links and books. I am an activist, and I have come to learn how useful information can be to help others and those in need. This is a compilation of pivotal links and books for you to use … Continue reading Usefulinks


usefulinks links and books you will find very useful. Dear Friends, Family and Everyone, Here are useful links and books. I am an activist, and I have come to learn how useful information can be to help others and those in need. This is a compilation of pivotal links and books for you to use … Continue reading Usefulinks


usefulinks links and books you will find very useful. Dear Friends, Family and Everyone, Here are useful links and books. I am an activist, and I have come to learn how useful information can be to help others and those in need. This is a compilation of pivotal links and books for you to use … Continue reading Usefulinks


usefulinks links and books you will find very useful. Dear Friends, Family and Everyone, Here are useful links and books. I am an activist, and I have come to learn how useful information can be to help others and those in need. This is a compilation of pivotal links and books for you to use … Continue reading Usefulinks

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